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Digital Marketing Mentoring & Employment Program

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Digital Marketing Mentoring Program


Digital Marketing Mentoring Program is for Aspiring Digital Marketers, Start-ups, Business Owners,and Entrepreneurs

Our Digital Marketing Mastery course has been designed to take you through the online marketing practical skills, tools, and methods. This is to help individuals and businesses improve their value proposition and dominate their market space. It is also to help them achieve their marketing and business goals. The course is totally practical, with real-life project and case studies to explain concepts in class.


Who is this Course For?

Job Seekers, Business Owners, CEOs, Entrepreneuers etc.

  • Working professionals seeking to change career, job or industry to digital marketing related field
  • Experienced individuals who manage digital marketing activities in diverse fields
  • Individuals who meets the requirements and intend on starting a career in digital marketing


  • Above the age of 18. Unfortunately, we cannot provide mentoring for anyone younger than 18 years.
  • Passionate about digital marketing! You should be excited about the idea of working in marketing. You don't need to have worked in marketing before, but you should be interested in it.
  • Hardworking. Our mentors are here to support you to reach your goals, but we can't do it for you. Mentoring works best for hard-working, passionate people.

Course Modules


Digital Marketing Mastery - Preliminary


Digital Marketing Mastery - Psychology of Success


Digital Marketing Mastery - Introduction


Digital Marketing Mastery - 1st Fundamental Law of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Mastery - 2nd Fundamental Law of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Mastery - 3rd Fundamental Law of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Mastery - 4th Fundamental Law of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Mastery - 5th Fundamental Law of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Mastery - 6th Fundamental Law of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Mastery - 7th Fundamental Law of Digital Marketing

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